Now What?

What to write when you have nothing to say.

I am starting a daily writing habit today. I have received some of very helpful advice from a few authors on One common theme is to write every day. The action of daily writing develops into a habit, which leads to better writing. And this is something I am definitely interested in. But there is one small problem: What DO I Write about?

One writer suggested I begin by taking notice of Life that happens around me and not down notes about things during the day. At the end of the day, I should spend 15 minutes collecting these notes and writing a summary of them and file them away in my Writer’s Notebook. This sounds great, but I don’t have any notes yet, because I just read that article and hour ago. I don’t have any material stored up from which I can draw for writing ideas.

Another approach is to simply begin writing and just let the words flow. This is more like a “stream of consciousness” type of exercise. In her book, The Artist’s Way, she advocates the practice of writing 3 pages in this style every morning, in order to clear your mind off anything that might be blocking your creative flow. I have done this off and on for many years and it does seem to help increase my creativity. But it does not give me a subject to write about today.

I have thought of browsing through random pictures and looking for an inkling of an idea. I would look at a picture and imagine what might be going on. Does the photo suggest any kind of story to me. This would be a visual writing prompt. There are many places to go on the internet which provide writing prompts. But this doesn’t help me tonight. I need something right now to write about!

For now, I will just begin to fill my notebook with thoughts and observations and hope I have something to write about tomorrow. The journey must begin somewhere. And so it begins here, today.